The secret of quiet nights: are you looking for a bed that does not creak?

The secret of quiet nights: you are looking for a bed that does not creak?

"To have a bed that doesn't squeak," is one of the most common and obvious requests when buying a bed. Waking up to unpleasant squeaking noises disrupts the quality of your sleep, and the feeling of refreshing rest can disappear completely with a squeaky bed.

In this article, we'll look at a few features you should look for when choosing the ideal bed that doesn't squeak. And also what we do in our manufacturing to be able to offer you just such a bed.

Quality bed material

The bed should be made of a high quality and solid material, such as solid oak wood. Beds made of this material tend to be less prone to annoying creaks. They are also more resistant to wear and tear, have a longer lifespan and are less likely to need repairs. Stable woods such as oak do not warp with normal use, reducing the risk of breakdowns or squeaks.

The correct procedure for making a bed

When buying a new bed, you should consider not only the country of origin, but also the manufacturer's experience in the furniture industry.  JAVORINA has a tradition of more than 75 years and thanks to professional production and technological procedures, the bed joints are smooth and strong. They ensure the stability and strength of the entire bed structure.

Convenience also depends on the number of joints

The comfort that the bed is supposed to provide its owner is also guaranteed by its overall design. The bed should be made in such a way as to minimise any unevenness that might interfere with comfort during sleep. In our JAVORINA beds, for example, the fewest number of joints are used to ensure the greatest possible comfort when sleeping. Minimising parts that can rub against each other will ensure that the bed will not creak even with prolonged use.

TERRA bed from JAVORINA workshop made with a minimum number of joints.

Správne zaťaženie postele

Jednotlivé časti postele, ako napríklad nohy a čelo, by mali byť umiestnené tak, aby váha spiaceho človeka prispievala k správnemu rozloženiu zaťaženia postele. Práve nesprávne zaťaženie postele môže spôsobiť nepríjemné vŕzganie. 

Pri dizajnovaní každej jednej postele  z našej dielne sa v skicách vždy uvažuje o správnosti zaťaženia, ktoré je potom našimi inžiniermi pri vyrábaní prototypov postelí testované.


Correct bed load

The different parts of the bed, such as the legs and headboard, should be positioned so that the weight of the sleeper contributes to the correct load distribution of the bed. It is the incorrect loading of the bed that can cause unpleasant creaking. 

When designing every single bed from our workshop, the correct load is always considered in the sketches, which are then tested by our engineers when making prototype beds.


What should I do if my bed squeaks? 

A squeaking bed can be very uncomfortable and disturb your sleep. If you have this problem, try the following tips:

  • Check for loose joints on the bed. If so, try tightening them with a staple gun.
  • If the bed is worn, the squeaking may be caused by damaged parts. If this is the case, you need to have the bed repaired or replaced with a new one.


A good quality, firm bed is important for a sound sleep, and this is just as important as the quality of your diet and exercise. If you sleep well, it will reflect on your overall mental well-being - you are in a better mood, less stressed and better able to concentrate. That's why it's worth investing in a more expensive bed, because it's an investment in your health and comfort.

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