We take care of the original emotion stored in the wood

European oak and American black walnut are quality and time-tested woods that retain all their precious qualities in our processing. The process of predominantly manufactory production begins with the careful selection, grading and drying of the wood. Before a solid wood product is ready to go to its new home, it goes through a long process of tasks, at the end of which we hand over to the customer a piece of true craftsmanship.

Every product is a unique piece

Just as the oak tree is unique, every product from Javorina has an original appearance and character. The color range of the products and their design is distinctive depending on the material used, its origin, the content of minerals and chemical substances.

Natural oils and waxes

Oak products are oil-treated to show the beauty of solid wood design. Nature-based organic preparations are used - flaxseed oil and natural wax. Other than natural color in products is achieved by application of pigmented oils (in case of dark shades by steam treating).


Love for life

We have dedicated our lives to perfecting a product that is durable and does not lose value over time. Thanks to the durability and strength of the material, craftsmanship and natural finish, solid wood products age beautifully. Buying such furniture is love for life, which is why we offer an extended 5-year warranty on all products.