What to expect when you buy solid wood furniture?

Javorina furniture is always made from solid oak or walnut. Wood is a natural material, so it's a good idea to follow a few basic rules to make your furniture last as long as possible.

It's not a good idea to leave solid wood furniture you've bought unassembled, and certainly not in different conditions from the target. If you store imported furniture in parts in the cellar and wait for the construction or renovation to be completed, it can easily happen that the wood adapts to the humidity and temperature of its temporary storage and the individual parts move up to millimetres due to their natural expansion.

These play a big part in the assembly of a modern clean design. It is therefore advisable to assemble solid furniture as soon as possible after purchase and treat it as a valued guest. Place it in a designated area and wait with a full load for a week or so, during which time the finish will gradually cure. This will give the solid table a chance to gradually get used to the temperature, humidity and even the sunlight.

How to care for the wood on an ongoing basis

Under ideal conditions (indirect light, temperature of 12 - 20 °C, average humidity of around 50%), the oiled surface of the furniture has a lifespan of more than 10 years without additional treatment. For ongoing care of the furniture, it is therefore sufficient to repaint the surface once every 2-3 years with a product containing natural oils or beeswax.

What does it mean when a furniture manufacturer mentions:

Marrow Beam

The most valuable part of the wood through which nutrients flow in the trunk. It gets its name from the high gloss it takes on during final sanding. A table on whose top the strips of mirrors are visible has a high value in its uniqueness.


Formed by the growth of branches from the trunk of a tree, they are one of the hallmarks of solid wood. Depending on the succulence of the particular wood, a more rustic or, on the contrary, a moderately elegant product is created.

White Mold

This is the outer and lighter part of the trunk, which contains living cells and passageways for conducting water from the roots to the leaves. Due to its permeability, this part of the wood is also less durable, so it is advisable to find out what proportion of sapwood is in the wood offered by a particular manufacturer.

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