Donate 2% of your tax to the Javorin children
Help our children and employees

Dear our employees,
in these current very turbulent times, sometimes we have to have to deal with a fact that can fundamentally change our plans. That's why we believe that it is the families who care for our children need our-your mutual help. This little meaningful hope is to help our children and their parents. Also thanks to your support from the tax credit. But after all, even great things start small.

What would the funds be used for?
The aim of the association is to support the family, to promote the development of the personality of children and young people, filling the free time of children and families through various leisure activities. To support our staff in difficult life situations. In order to fulfil its objective, the association will develop' activities mainly in the following areas:
  • creating and supporting communities of families, children and young people
  • promoting children's and young people's sport through sports tournaments and competitions
  • promoting the provision of technical conditions for sporting activities, trips at home and abroad
  • promoting cultural activities such as visits to theatres, performances, festivals and musical events
  • the provision of cultural and social activities in children's centres and clubs and youth centres
  • the provision of social events supporting the objectives
  • preparing balls and parties for members of the association, organising fundraising and other events
  • fostering a positive relationship between people and nature, supporting programmes aimed at nature conservation, a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle
  • preparing and providing summer, winter and suburban camps
  • organising trips to the countryside
  • supporting our employees in difficult life situations

How can you support us?
Employee Procedure:
1. Ask your employer for an annual settlement by 15 February 2023.
tax paid.
2. Then ask your employer to issue you with a form Certificate of
Payment of tax.

Account number: SK48 0900 0000 0051 8726 1931


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