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Community of professionals in the field of interior architecture & design

Javorina is a manufacturer of distinctive style that combines premium design, meticulous attention to detail, the uniqueness of carpentry craftsmanship, and human touch.

Every piece of furniture is created with utmost care. From wood drying to final finishing, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that each furniture piece we produce is unique and brings joy to our customers.

We have been in the market for 76 years

Our experience in woodworking and our passion for the craft guarantee that the results of our work are always unique and timeless. We bring this quality not only to our customers but also to collaborations with professionals. We have equipped dozens of development projects in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, as well as in Germany and Austria, and hundreds of apartments throughout Europe.

Membership in Javorina Pro brings you

15% Discount on direct purchase

The discount is applicable to all Javorina products within orders that you place directly. This discount can be divided into a discount specifically for you and a discount for your customers.

10% Specification fee

You are entitled to a 10% specification fee in the case of successful specification of our products on realised projects. Please let us know when you specify us and state name of the project or ask your client to inform us.

Individual prices

For turnover exceeding 15,000 EUR within the last 365 days, there is the possibility to negotiate additional individual discounts.

Order management

Streamline your shopping experience with our advanced checkout process. We offer a range of convenient features to enhance your order management, including order history, shopping lists, order import, and more. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily track and manage your orders, access your order history for reference, create customized shopping lists for efficient reordering, and even import orders seamlessly. Simplify your purchasing process and enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Invitations to exclusive events - visits of Javorina production, lectures and meetings with designers, networking and educational events, product launches.

Limited products

Access to an extended portfolio of colours for specific products and possibility to sell our new products before the official release.

Team of professionals

A dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you with complex projects or ordering custom-made products.

3D Models

Enjoy the convenience of 3D models for all our products, allowing you to visualize and explore them in detail. Our collection includes file formats .SKP, .3DS, .MAX, and .OBJ, ensuring compatibility with your preferred visualisation software.

Respect for nature

Respect for nature is an integral part of our company philosophy. We exclusively craft furniture from natural materials, such as sustainably sourced solid wood, using environmentally friendly adhesives and natural-based oils. Our production process follows a nearly closed material cycle, resulting in minimal waste production.


Proven construction, quality materials, and components ensure the long lifespan of our furniture. We only use materials and fittings from reputable and renowned manufacturers, and many components come with a lifetime warranty. Rest assured that our furniture is built to last, providing you with durability and peace of mind.


For every customer, we plant a young oak sapling in a newly established forest in Eastern Slovakia. Each of our customers directly contributes to the renewability of our natural resources. By choosing our products, you are actively supporting the sustainability and replenishment of our environment.


The simplicity, precision, and conservative design of our furniture allow it to remain modern and relevant for years to come. The quality of our design is evidenced by numerous awards received at both domestic and international exhibitions, along with the growing popularity of Javorina among customers. Our commitment to timeless design ensures that our furniture transcends trends, becoming a lasting and cherished addition to any space.